Reporting fraudulent practices or any form of wrong-doing in SPREP including retaliation to staff from within as a result of cooperating in an audit or investigation is made easy through the following ways:

  • complete the form in Annex 1 of the Fraud Prevention and Whistleblower Protection Policy or via [click];
  • request a face to face meeting;
  • phone call +685 21929;
  • write a letter; or
  • sent to email: [email protected]

When a complaint is lodged with the Internal Auditor, he or she will acknowledge all complaints within one week of receipt.
The Internal Auditor receiving the complaint must ensure that as much information as possible regarding the alleged fraud is gathered from the complainant. This will include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • a reasonably detailed description of the suspected misconduct including time frame and location;
  • all individuals directly or indirectly involved in the incident or having knowledge thereof;
  • details of any third parties involved in the incident;
  • references to documents, electronic records or other evidentiary material which help explain or support; and
  • other relevant information.