Circular 12/35: Invitation to the Regional Workshop on Sensitive Sea Areas & IMO Tools
Invitation to the Regional Worksop on Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas and other IMO Tools for Area Specific Management 21st to 23rd August 2012 Townsville, Australia
Circular 12/35
Annex 1 & 2
Circular 12/34: Basel Convention Legislation
We seek your cooperation in completing the questionnaire, which seeks information on Parties' needs for assistance to enable them to implement and enforce the obligations described in the circular.
Circular 12/34
Circular 12/33: Vacancies Advertisement
Vacancies Advertisement:
  1. Environmental Monitoring & Planning Adviser
  2. Invasive Species Adviser
  3. Global Environment Facility Support Adviser

The closing date for applications for the above positions is 11th May 2012

Circular 12/33


Circular 12/32: Internship Opportunity
For Nationals & Residents of the Mircronesian Island Countries Only
  • Environmental Planning & Monitoring Intern (EPMI)

Closing date for applications for the above position is 11th May 2012

Circular 12/32


Circular 12/31: Access and Benefit Sharing Meeting (ABS), 22-24 May 2012, Apia, Samoa
SPREP in partnership with the ABS Capacity Development Initiative and the Australian Government wishes to invite your ABS focal point to the above-captioned meeting.
Circular 12/31
Nomination Form
Circular 12/30:Review of the Pacific Islands Regional Marine Spill Contingency Plan (PACPLAN)
The Secretariat as part of its role to assist island members to address environmental issues and in accordance with SPREP Strategic Action Plan, has a programme that addresses ship based marine pollution the Pacific Ocean Pollution Prevention Programme (PACPOL)

Circular 12/30
Circular 12/29: Meeting of the Staff Regulations Working Group/ Reunion du groupe de travail sur le Reglement du personnel
All Members interested in joining the Working Group would indicate this intention to Ms Apiseta Eti ([email protected]) by Tuesday 17th April 2012
Circular 12/29
Terms of Reference

Tous les Membres désirant participer au groupe de travail sont invités à contacter Mme Apiseta Eti ([email protected]) au plus tard le mardi 17 avril 2012
Circulaire 12/29
Le mandat du consultant
Circular 12/28: Invitation to the IMO/MLTM Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop
Invitation to the IMO/MLTM Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on the London Protocol (14th to 18th May 2012), and the Joint session of the Scientific Groups under the London Convention and Protocol 21st to 25th May 2012, Jeju, republic of Korea

Circular 12/28
Draft Workshop Programme & Nomination Form
IMO Circular Letter
Circular 12/27: Introducing New SPREP Staff
Introducing Mr. Neville Koop, Meteorology & Climatology Adviser and Dr Gianluca Serra, Global Environment Facility - Project Facilitator.
Circular 12/27

Posted 20 Avril 2012
Presentation de: M. Neville Koop & M. Gianluca Serra
Circulaire 12/27
Circular 12/24: 4th Meeting of STAC4 and 3rd Meeting of SCPRC3 11-13 July 2012
4th Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC4) and the 3rd Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Pacific Regional Centre for Training and Technology Transfer for the joint implementation of the Qaigani and Basel Conventions (SCPRC3) 11-13 July 2012
Circular 12/24
Nomination Form
Circular 12/25: Increased support from SPREP for activities in Pacific Island Countries and Territories
One of the key elements of SPREP's change management process has been to increase the direct support from SPREP for environmentatl projects and programmes in Pacific Island countries and territories
Circular 12/25
Support in 2010
Support in 2011
Circular 12/22: Introducing Ms. Ilisapeci Masivesi / Presentation de Mme Ilisapeci Masivesi
Announce the appointment of Ms. Ilisapeci Masivesi to the position of Clean Pacific Campaign Coordinator

Circular 12/22

Posted 03 April 2012
Le PROE est heureux d'annoncer la nomination de Mme Ilisapeci Masivesi au poste de Coordinatrice de la campagne pour un Pacifique propre

Circulaire 12/22
Circular 12/21: TOR for Consultant - Sub-regional Presence of SPREP in the Region / Mandat du consultant - Presence sous-regionale du PROE
Process of engaging a consultant who will conduct a Cost Benefit Analysis of the available options for establishing a sub-regional presence.
Circular 12/21
Term of Reference

Posted 30 mars 2012
Vous vous rappellerez sans doute que le Secretariat a entame le processus de recrutement d'un consultant afin d'examiner les options possibles pourrenforcer les liens régionaux.
Circulaire 12/21
Circular 12/20: Update on Pacific Preparations for RIO+20
SPREP Secretariat wishes to provide an update on preparations for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) - Rio+20 that is to be held in Brazil in June 20th-22nd together with associated preparatory meetings and conferences.  For queries please contact Mr. Sefanaia Nawadra, Director Environmental Monitoring & Goverance: [email protected]

Circular 12/20
Circular 12/18: Vancancies Advertisement/ Avis de vacances de postes
  1. Adaptation Support Officer - Climate Change(ASO-CC)
  2. Climate Change Communications Officer(CCCO)
  3. Global Environment Facility - Project Coordinator (GEF-PC)


  1. Chargé del'adaptation au changement climatique
  2. Chargé de la communication sur le changement climatique
  3. Coordinateur des projets du Fonds pour l'environnement mondial

Circular 12/18

Circulaire 12/18

Circular 12/16: New SPREP Website/ Nouveau site web du PROE
We look forward to your feedback and continued support.
Nous vous remercions par avance de vos observations et de votre soutien continu.

Circular 12/16
Circulaire 12/16
Circular 12/19: Vacancies Advertisement/ Avis de vacances de postes
  1. Information Resource Centre & Archives Manager(IRCAM)
  2. Publications Officer(PBO)


  1. Directeur du Centre d'information et de documentation et des archives
  2. Chargé des publications

Circular 12/19

Circulaire 12/19

Circular 12/17: Update on request for consideration of the consequences of Pacific nuclear testing / Demande de prise en consideration des consequences des essais nucleaires dans le Pacifique
The circular provides an update on the issue of nuclear testing and its impacts in French Polynesia which was raised at the 2011 SPREP Meeting in Samoa.

La présente circulaire fait le point sur le question des essais nucléaires et de leurs impacts sur la Polynésie française, soulevée lors de la Conférence du PROE tenue à Apia (Samoa) en 2011.

Circular 12/17
Circulaire 12/17
Circular 12/12: Access and Benefit Sharing Meeting, 19-22 March 2012, Nadi, Fiji
This meeting follows on from an Access & Benefit Sharing workshop held in October 2011 in Nadi. It is envisaged to hold 2 further meetings this year.

Circular 12/12
Nomination Form
Circular 12/14: Final Reminder - Comments on Draft TOR on Strengthening Regional Linkages
Circular 12/08 sent on 26 January 2012 invited Members to review the draft terms of reference for the consultant(s).

Circular 12/14
Circular 12/08 for reference
Circular 12/13: SPREP 2012 Calendar of Events/ Calendrier des manifestations du PROE pour 2012
First quarterly update of SPREP's 2012 Calendar of Events
la première mise à jour trimestrielle du Calendrier des manifestations du PROE pour 2012

Circular 12/13
Calendar of Events
Circulaire 12/13
Calendrier des manifestations
Circular 12/11: Reminder - Comments on Draft TOR for Consultants

Seeking comments on the Term of Reference for Consultants - Subregional Presence for SPREP

Circular 12/11


Circular 12/10: Clean Pacific 2012 Campaign Launched

The aim of the Clean Pacific 2012 Campaign is to galvanize actions at all levels for better management of waste and pollution throughout the Pacific region

Circular 12/10

Campaign Plan

Circular 12/09: APAN Climate Change Focal Points and Experts Consultation Meeting for the Pacific

Request the attendance of your Climate Change Focal Point to the above meeting, to be held in Apia, Samoa from 28th to 29th February 2012.
Please complete and return nomination form no later than 15th February 2012.

Circular 12/09

Nomination Form

Circular 12/08: Strengthening Regional Linkages - Sub Regional Presence for SPREP

Seek input from Members and Partners on the draft Terms of Reference with the goal of ensuring effective input.

Circular 12/08

Circular 12/07: SPREP/CITES Regional Meetings - Invitation & Agendas

Joint SPREP/CITES First Announcement & Invitation to the following workshops on 5th-14th March 2012, Nadi, Fiji

Circular 12/07


SPREP/CITES Provisional Agenda

MSAP Review Tentative Agenda

Circular 12/06: Introducing Ms Penina Solomona

Welcome Ms Solomona in her new role as Convention on Migratory Species Pacific Officer(CMSPO)

La nomination de Mme Penina Solomona au poste d'agent océanien chargé de la Convention sur les espèces migratrices

Circular 12/06

Circulaire 12/06