Like the call of a conch shell, we are hoping that the one Pacific voice from the Clean Pacific Roundtable will reverberate across the region and beyond.  We ask that you care and share on social media as well with our CPR team so they can spread our message.


Should you be using social media we ask that you like us on facebook or search SPREP to find us.  If you are tweeting please do follow us @SPREPChannel and at all times we ask that you either tag us, or use the #CleanPacific hashtag.  Thank you!


If you have content you think would make a good news item, please do contact our communications and outreach unit at [email protected], or be in touch with Nanette Woonton – [email protected] who will be at the CPR this year.


If you do have a range of images that you would like to share with us, please note we will only reuse them for non-commercial, educational and awareness purposes only, please don’t hesitate to contact Nanette and she will load those as well as your name to ensure the proper attribution is credited if reused.


We do look forward to, and welcome your thoughts on how we may be able to echo our message across our ocean.