Practical Guide to Solid Waste Management in Pacific Island Countries and Territories

It was developed by JPRISM Project counterparts based on their past involvement and experiences in their home countries, under JPRISM Phase I (2011-2016) and other donor-funded projects. We have just started JPRISM Phase II in order to continue and develop further our efforts to achieve sustainable development goals. The use of this Practical Guide is strongly recommended for people who are responsible for solid waste management in Pacific island countries and territories. Through the active use of this guide and the feedback of results to the J-PRISM Phase II Project Office, this guide will be revised and improved.



Pacific Island Countries Regional Disaster Waste Management Guideline

This guide assists Pacific Island Countries (PICs) in the management of Disaster Waste (DW) with the main focus on key operational aspects. The document complements the Disaster Waste Management (DWM) Guideline for Asia and the Pacific 2018, with special emphasis on the actions necessary by DWM agencies before disasters strike. The guideline is based on international waste and disaster management principles and concepts, which form the basis of the national waste and disaster management plans. The proper management of DW should be recognized in National Disaster Management Plans, given the complexity of modern disaster waste. The complexity of modern DW demands a holistic approach with appropriate measures at all stages of disaster management. This is critical for implementing the preparation, response and recovery stages based on the different types of waste.



Container Deposit Scheme in the Pacific Islands- A Guide for Policy Makers- (March 2022)

This guide was developed to summarize the points necessary for system design regarding the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) based on actual cases in Pacific Island Countries or any other SIDSs who may wish to consider designing and implementing their own system. CDS can be implemented either voluntarily by the private sector on a commercial basis, where bottles are refilled, or as a policy by the government where national legislation is used for improved waste management and environmental protection. This guide covers nationally, legislated systems and targets government officials and others who may seek to determine the applicability of CDS to their nation and it it will fit in with local economic and social conditions.



SRWMA/JPRISM II Waste Oil Collection & Storage Pilot Project Implementation Report

This report summarizes a month of waste oil collection and storage activities conducted by JPRISM and SRWMA (Samoa Recycling and Waste Management Association) in September 2021. It addresses identified issues on-site for improvement in the processing flow related to the collection, storage and cost analysis of waste oil conducted in this pilot project.



SRWMA/J-PRISM II Pilot Project - Completion Report

This report summarises the results of the pilot project that was conducted by J-PRISM II in partnership with the Samoa Recycling and Waste Management Association (SRWMA) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Samoa (MNRE) from May 2021 to November 2022.



Toolkit for Maintenance of Vehicles and Heavy Machinery (March 2022)

1. Pre- & Post- Operation Inspection

   1) Standard Check

  • Full Requirements for Compactor Truck  [PDF ver.]
  • Minimum Requirements for Compactor Truck [PDF ver.]
  • Full Requirements for Dump Truck and Boom Truck  [PDF ver.]
  • Minimum Requirements for Dump Truck and Boom Truck [PDF ver.]
  • Full Requirements for Excavator and Bulldozer [Word ver.] [PDF ver.]
  • Minimum Requirements for Excavator and Bulldozer [PDF ver.]

   2) How-To Video: Pre-& Post-Operation Inspection


2. Periodic Inspection

Waste Management Strategy

FSM - Chuuk State Solid Waste Management Strategy 2019-2028

Kosrae State Solid Waste Management Strategy 2018-2027

Pohnpei State Solid Waste Management Strategy 2020-2029

Yap State Solid Waste Management Strategy 2018-2027

Palau - National Solid Waste Management Strategy 2017-2026

RMI - Majuro Atoll Solid Waste Management Plan 2019-2028

RMI - Kwajalein Atoll Solid Waste Management Plan 2019-2028

Samoa - National Waste Management Strategy 2019-2023

Solomon Islands - National Waste Management and Pollution Control Strategy 2017-2026

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