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Cook Islands NSDA2020+
August 14, 2020 by leannem
General News

The Cook Islands has launched the consultation phase of the Cook Islands National Sustainable Development Agenda 2020+ calling for people to input into the document that has a 100-year vision.  The launch also saw the very first debate held in the “Korero Mai” Debate Series to catalyse public discussion and contribution during the preparation phase of  the NSDA2020+.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) is providing communications support for the different phases of the NSDA2020+.  Working with the Central Policy and Planning Office of the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) of the Cook Islands, SPREP is helping to communicate the different aspects of the NSDA2020+ to drive an ‘inclusive’ approach.

The NSDA2020+ will be the national blueprint for the Cook Islands over the next 100-years to ensure a sustainable future of well-being.  The current National Sustainable Development Plan of the Cook Islands 2016 – 2020, comes to an end this year.

“We are wanting to define well-being in the Cook Islands context through our consultations that are now underway.  Our 100-year vision of well-being for the Cook Islands and her people is to achieve this in all areas,” said Ms Valentino Wichman, Director of CPPO of the OPM, Cook Islands.

“One key way we can get this to happen is by ensuring solid, clear communications that will encourage all to share their stories and thoughts so we can develop this plan that belongs to us all, and will be implemented by all.”

Support provided by SPREP has led to the development of a communications plan, branding and visibility products, online platforms for the NSDA2020+ and the Korero Mai debate series.  Further work is continuing to ensure communications systems and processes are established to sustain the communications aspect of the NSDA2020+.

Debaters that competed in the very first of the Korero Mai Debate series for the NSDA2020+. Photo: N.Woonton/SPREP

The Cook Islands NSDA2020+ will have a 100-year vision – the long-term aspirational goal of the nation.  This will be achieved through generational 25-year frameworks, developed to suit the different generations and their circumstances.  These 25-year frameworks will be monitored and tracked by five-year scorecards to ensure the Cook Islands is on track to achieve its 100-year vision.

“We’re pleased to be able to provide communications support, working in partnership with the Cook Islands at this time,” said Ms Nanette Woonton of the Communications and Outreach unit of SPREP currently based in the Cook Islands while working remotely.

“Nationally owned documents do require strong input and interest from people, the Cook Islands NSDA2020+ team are working to ensure this for which communications is one factor.  We’re grateful for the opportunity to be able to support through our communications expertise resulting in a nationally-owned blueprint for the Cook Islands.”

The consultation phase of the NSDA2020+ will continue through to December, leading to draft versions followed by endorsement by April 2021.  Consultations will span the whole of the Cook Islands and the diaspora communities.

“We’ve had great feedback from many people with our communications to date, we appreciate the support provided by SPREP during this time of COVID-19.  Our impact online, as well as through our Korero Mai debate series, has been very successful,” said Ms. Wichman.

The consultation phase of the Cook Islands NSDA2020+ was launched by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Cook Islands, Hon Mark Brown on 31 July, 2020 at the National Auditorium.

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