The Kiribati Annual Climate Outlook Forum.
Climate Change Resilience

01 April 2024, Tarawa, Kiribati – Mayors and clerks representing 18 of Kiribati’s 33 islands attended the annual Climate Outlook Forum in Ambo, on the island of Tarawa, for a briefing on the latest climate and oceans forecast and deepen their understanding of the services provided by the Kiribati Meteorological Services. 
The forum was held over one and a half days, as part of a week-long forum, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), the Ministry of Communication, Information, and Transport (MICT), the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Culture and Internal Affairs. 
The national event was made possible with funding from the European Union’s Intra-ACP Climate Services and Related Applications (Intra-ACP ClimSA) Project, implemented by SPREP.
In his opening address, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kiribati, Taneti Mamau, said, “Given the evolving climate conditions attributed to greenhouse gas emissions, conducting annual forums like this in frontline countries such as Kiribati is imperative. Hence, my office is steadfast in its annual commitment to hosting this forum.
“While disseminating weather and climate information through various channels such as print, websites, and radio is important, direct engagement with community leaders is indispensable. The Kiribati National Climate Outlook Forum (NCOF)serves as a vital platform for sharing this information with island leaders,” he said. 

Kiribati outlook Forum
The feedback evaluation at the end of the National Climate Outlook Forum indicated that participants showed an increased understanding of climate drivers and the difference between El Nino and La Nina conditions. Participants also provided feedback directly to the Kiribati Meteorological Services about the opportunities to improve their service delivery to the different islands. 
The Kiribati NCOF culminated with two-days of community engagement in the lead up to World Meteorological Day, which is commemorated on 23 March annually. 
The Kiribati Meteorological Services, along with partners, hosted exhibitions, musical performances, song and art competitions, in Bairiki Square – the heart of Tarawa. Over 1,000 people attended the public event over the two-day period.
The Intra-ACP ClimSA Project is committed to supporting the Kiribati National Climate Outlook Forum for the next 2 years, and aims to ensure that all stakeholders have improved understanding of weather, climate and ocean product and services, whilst supporting the Kiribati Meteorological Services in meeting their information needs.
The Kiribati outlook forum
In closing the official series of events, His Excellency the President acknowledged the support of the European Union. He said, “I wish to express a special gratitude to the European Union for the ClimSA project managed by SPREP for their willingness to support this Forum from 2023 to 2025.
“Organising such a forum in a nation like Kiribati, with its widely dispersed islands, presents significant logistical and financial challenges. We acknowledge ClimSA, SPREP's financial contributions and will continue to explore avenues for further support to ensure the success of the project and fulfil our national commitment to ensuring climate information is readily available to our people, both in the capital and outer islands,” said His Excellency Taneti Mamau.

Kiribati Climate Outlook Forum