Climate Change Resilience

15 December 2023 - Tokyo, Japan. As part of its continued efforts to boost information and knowledge sharing and strengthen partnerships, the Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC), hosted at the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), joined the 4th International Climate Change Adaptation Platforms Meeting in Tokyo, Japan from 14 – 15 December 2023. 

The objectives of the meeting were to share knowledge and information related to developing and operating national and international information platforms, share recent activities supporting local and national governments and relevant stakeholders working on climate change adaptation using information platforms, and to discuss potential areas for collaboration and continued partnership to support information platforms in countries in the Asia and Pacific regions.

Session discussions were centred around enhancing communication and support for local stakeholders in terms of climate change adaptation. Examples of this were provided from the European Union, Canada, Korea, the Phillipines, and Taiwan, as well as organisations such as the PCCC-SPREP, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, and the United Nations Economic and Social Comission for Asia and the Pacific. 

Ms Ofa Ma’asi-Kaisamy, Manager, PCCC, said that “the PCCC is focused on member countries to strengthen their adaptative capacities to climate change. To do this, we must ensure that information is contextualised, relevant, and valued to be understood and acted upon”. The Pacific Climate Change Portal (PCCP), the information and knowledge hub that provides access to climate change information and knowledge products to the Pacific Island countries and territories, was featured during this meeting as a key information and knowledge sharing platform. 

Through the funding support from the Intra ACP-European Union-funded Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change and Resilience Building (PACRES) Project, the PCCP has undergone a significant upgrade of not only the content management system to ensure improved security features for the platform, but it has also been revamped to reflect a more user-friendly interface and user experience including more visuals, more appropriate text sizing and colour combinations, feedback, social share features, and menu direction for those with motor skills impairments, to name a few.

As a way forward, the PCCC team represented at this meeting called for stronger partnerships and greater collaboration with the organisers, particularly with regard to the Pacific Climate Change Portal, mobilisation of resources for longer-term programmatic investment focused on the key functions of the PCCC that are driven by Pacific Islands Countries and Territories, continued support for activities under Science to Services and Capacity Building at the PCCC, and ensuring that climate change investment is effective and sustainable.

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The Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC) is the regional Centre of excellence for climate change information, research, capacity building, and innovation, hosted at the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) in Apia, Samoa. As a Centre of excellence, the PCCC is mandated to provide practical information, support, and training to address the adaptation and mitigation priorities of Pacific Island communities. 
The PCCC is underpinned by strong partnerships with Pacific Governments, applied research institutions, donors, civil society, and the private sector. The PCCC is a partnership between the Governments of Japan and Samoa. It is funded under grant aid through JICA for Samoa as the host country of SPREP. Additionally, the Centre receives generous funding and support from the Governments of New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia.