SPREP Strategic Plan 2017-2026
March 5, 2017
General News

A resilient Pacific environment sustaining our livelihoods and natural heritage in harmony with our cultures.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme has launched its new Strategic Plan, which will provide guidance and direction for the Secretariat over the next ten years.

The new Strategic Plan was approved at the annual SPREP meeting held last year in Niue, and has now replaced the previous five year strategic plan.

The core priorities and focus for SPREP over the next decade include climate change resilience, ecosystem and biodiversity protection, waste management and pollution control as well as environmental governance with oceans as a key cross cutting theme across all priorities. Climate change resilience is elevated as the primary concern for the Pacific region.




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"We have built on the success of, and learnt lessons from, the previous strategic plan, and worked together with Members to identify appropriate priorities to address the Pacific's environmental challenges," said SPREP's Director General, Mr Kosi Latu.

"We now have a strategic plan that takes into account emerging issues, addresses the needs of our members and clearly charts our path forward from here on out."

Intensive consultations were held with SPREP staff members on the Strategic Plan, including a two day Strategic Plan Regional Workshop held in July last year which sought the guidance of SPREP's member countries and partners on the strategic direction of the organisation for the next ten years.

Consensus was reached on the collective strategic direction that members will take to address the Pacific's key environmental challenges, as well as SPREP's organisational goals and approach to guide this work.

The new Strategic Plan will be accompanied by a Performance Implementation Plan (PIP), which is currently being developed. The PIP will operationalise the high level goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan.

To access your copy of the Strategic Plan click here: http://www.sprep.org/attachments/Publications/Corporate_Documents/strategic-plan-2017-2026.pdf