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5 March 2013, Apia, Samoa- 16 students from Year 7, Vaiala Beach School visited the SPREP compound to learn about what SPREP does. The students were studying the topic of Inter-governmental Organisations and the Pacific inter-governmental environment organisation was selected for a field visit with staff. Over the course of one hour the students learnt about SPREP, biodiversity and invasive species as well as marine pollution and waste. All students left with Biodiversity t-shirts, resources and Clean Pacific bags. Congratulations to the Vaiala Beach Students for their insightful questions and thoughtful comments, we'd love to see you back here at SPREP!


SPREP Director-General Mr. David Sheppard addresses the school students - "I am glad you are here today as you are important, you are our future generation and will be charged with protecting our environment. It is good to see your concern about our environment."

Quenjule Slaven 11yrs

"I learnt that invasive species are dangerous to our environment which is important because we live in our environment and its surrounding us and the plants and trees are dying because of the poisons and waste." - Quenjule Slaven aged 11 years

Teuila Nawadra 12yrs

"Our environment is important because trees give us oxygen and we live in this environment so we should protect it." - Teuila Nawadra aged 12 years

Callum Vize 11yrs

"I learnt about some of the things that they did at SPREP to take care of the environment, it is important because we live in it and it is all around us." - Callum Vize aged 11 years

Anasii Vaai 12yrs

"I learnt today what the four key areas are for SPREP and what invasive species like diseases to people and the health community. Our environment is important so rare and extinct birds can live and eat nutritious food like flowers or plants." - Anasi'i Vaai aged 12 years