The  Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC) is uniquely placed as the regional centre of innovation, training and research, and knowledge brokerage  on climate change in the Pacific. As an information and training hub on climate change, it acts as knowledge broker by linking existing training that are available and creating/facilitating new training courses that are specific for the Pacific.

Launched in 2019, PCCC was established with the goal to be regional centre of excellence for climate change information, research and innovation. A central element of the Centre’s work is through training and learning- by coordinating, supporting and delivering capacity building and climate change training to Members and the public


  • Building partnerships between the providers and users of climate change information.
  • Improving access to scientifically robust, practical information that is available to the right people and the right time in formats that they can use.
  • Ensuring that high quality, practical, user-friendly information drives greater action on climate change.