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Caledoclean is an association of young Caledonians who work for the promotion of eco-citizenship through participatory ecological projects and actions. In seven years, Caledoclean has organized more than 300 cleaning operations throughout New Caledonia and collected more than 450 Tons of waste in the Caledonian environment, at least 350 Tons of which have been sorted and sent for recycling. 

They are also active in revegetation, they have organized and participated in the planting of more than 30,000 trees to restore their forests and contributing to the conservation of biodiversity as well as the many endemic species present in their territory and some of which are today threatened with global extinction. At the same time, they are restoring the ecosystem services rendered by forest areas, particularly in terms of climate, water resource capture, soil retention and biodynamics, without forgetting the oxygen supply and many more.

They are also working to eradicate invasive plant species in many natural areas in the Southern Province. Caledoclean works with more than 3000 people every year to help safeguard their heritage bringing together a diverse audience, including businesses, institutions, associations, schools, community centers, out-of-school youths and those in reintegration, as well as prisoners and people with disabilities.

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Youth leadership in environmental sustainability & conservation
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