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The Matautu Youth Group at Lefaga, Samoa is the only community organisation around Upolu island, leading the youth with trainings/projects that promotes the healthy environment and conservation programs for sustainability, to reduce impacts of climate change. They work closely with many government ministries and partners such as the United Nations organizations in Samoa to support their initiatives and projects.

They completed their organic and permaculture sustainable farm, where the youth members planted organic vegetables and crops for food security, selling their produce and get about WST$1500 a month worth of income, and it’s a ongoing process. They also hosted and celebrated the World Oceans Day Event every year on the 8th of June, promoting ocean conservations in a sustainable way. They are implementing coral gardening project in their marine protected area, using methods and techniques to replant corals, the youth members undergo trainings in Fiji by Marine Biologist for this initiative. 

Matautu Lefaga Youth Group


Youth leadership in environmental sustainability & conservation
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Matautu Lefaga Youth Group
Matautu Lefaga Youth Group