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Henry Kaniki has been working with communities in conservation for the past ten years. He is currently studying at James Cook University for a Master of Science in Fisheries Science and Management. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Climate Change,  BSc in Marine Science from the University of the South Pacific and professional leadership certificates from EAST west Center, Hawaii under the Pacific Islands Leadership program and Pacific Fisheries Leadership program under from University of Queensland.

Mr Kaniki is a young visionary leader who has demonstrated leadership beyond his formal career. He was born and raised in rural community from vella la vella islamd, western Solomon islands. During his early stage in high school he already engaged the youths in his community by organizing annual sport events known as Sirubai Challenge Tournament which lead to the milestone of introducing beach soccer in his island in 2017. In early 2012, he established a community-based organisation in his community which brought about the natural resource management concept in the region. At the national level, he led the Arnavon Community Marine Park which was declared as the first National Park in the country in 2017.

Henry’s work with the Arnavons has recently met the global recognition by the Marine Conservation Institute as a fully and highly effective Marine Park and was awarded with Blue Park Award – Gold in 2019.

Furthermore, he co-founded the establishment of Solomon Islands Rangers Association and led the registering of membership under International Rangers Federation at the International Rangers Congresss at Colorado in 2016. He also co-founded the KAWAKI Women Network which gave Arnavon Community Marine Park (ACMP) a gender inclusiveness component in the current conservation work in the Arnavons.

At community level, Henry’s involvement with local farmers and women has promoted alternative livelihood activities and incentives through support from national and international donors for example kava farmers and organic farming group. Furthermore, he has assisted an urban community that took initiative to create a first well organised community waste management program in Honiara city (Jericho 2 Community Development Trust) which was launching in July 2021. Besides, Mr Kaniki is a strong supporter of education for rural community. In November 2020, Mr Kaniki lead his community primary school to secure and successfully complete a 1 year double story classroom building project which was funded by Japanese Embasy. 

Mr Kaniki believes that positive changes can happen in a community however it need a passion, commitment, endurance and persistence to achieve extraordinary result we want for our community. To do this, we need cooperation and collaboration with like-minded people, stakeholders and community leaders to achieve it.

Community leadership in environmental sustainability & conservation
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