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NatureFiji-MareqetiViti (NFMV) is Fiji’s only local NGO working solely for the conservation and sustainable management of Fiji’s unique natural heritage. Their mission is to enhance biodiversity and habitat conservation, endangered species protection and sustainable use of Fiji’s natural resources through the promotion of collaborative conservation action, awareness raising, education, research and biodiversity information exchange. Given the nature of the land tenure system in Fiji and the importance of local community support for conservation, most of their work involves strong and effective partnerships between local communities and landowners, government and other NGO partners to address local conservation priorities and sustainable livelihoods of land-owning communities. Since 2007, NFMV has established itself as a key conservation organisation in Fiji implementing more than 40 projects and obtained more than FJD $ 3 million dollars for species conservation action, invasive species management, protected area awareness and management and forest sustainability. They have developed or contributed to species recovery plans for several threatened endemic species (e.g. Red-throated lorikeet, Fiji acmopyle, Fiji sago palm, Fiji iguanas) and participated in the development of protected area plans. They have increased local, regional and global awareness of the importance of Fiji’s biodiversity and conservation through citizen science (e.g. Fiji nanai and Kulawai campaigns), ‘Learn from the Scientist’ events, production of their annual Fijian wildlife calendar, landowner community workshops, appearances on national television, radio interviews, print media, peer-reviewed academic articles and local and international conference presentations.

Their engagement of local communities has led to the implementation of many successful conservation initiatives such as the community banning of endangered bat harvesting, community commitment to forest conservation through Permanent Forest Estates, development of sustainable sago palm harvesting guidelines, and community buy-in to invasive species management (e.g. Green iguanas). At the national level, NFMV sits as a technical advisor on ten committees set up by government to advise the National Environment Council and Fiji government on issues relating to species conservation, protected areas, wetlands, invasive species and local community empowerment. NatureFiji-MareqetiViti is the local partner for BirdLife International in Fiji and is a member of Botanic Gardens Conservation International. 

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