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Nunia Thomas-Moko graduated with a BSc in Environmental Science at the University of the South Pacific, Suva (USP). At the same time, she developed a deep religious conviction and commitment to family and community which have become a hallmark of her character and world view. For five years after graduating, Nunia worked as a graduate assistant at USP’s Institute of Applied Science where she gained experience in a wide variety of ecological research and survey work, and progressed an emerging interest in Fijian herpetology to enable her to successfully complete a herpetological study for a Masters in Biology at USP, and establish herself as Fiji’s leading herpetological scientist. In 2007, Nunia joined the newly formed NatureFiji-MareqetiViti, Fiji’s first and only local conservation NGO. She was instrumental in its early years of establishment and in 2013 was appointed Director, a position she currently holds.

Nunia is well known as an articulate and passionate advocate for the conservation of Fiji’s natural heritage, and environmental sustainability. Nunia has conducted over 40 assessments of Fijian herpetofauna diversity, habitats and threats to their populations for conservation purposes and environment impact assessments. During this period, she also worked with nearly all of the important terrestrial biodiversity scientists researching in Fiji which has provided her with a wide appreciation of Fiji’s biodiversity conservation needs, local capacity and a network of international specialists. These credentials are augmented by authorship of 13 papers in refereed scientific journals. Nunia has been a member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission Steering Committee since 2013 and is Regional Vice Chair for Oceania. 

National leadership in environmental sustainability & conservation
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Nunia Thomas-Moko
Nunia Thomas-Moko