COSPPac Phase 2 is a Regional Project currently implemented by BoM, GA, SPC and SPREP and funded by the Australian Government.
COSPPac aims to enhance the capacity of Pacific Islands to manage and mitigate the impacts of climate variability and tidal events. The project works with stakeholders in the Islands to build tools that can forecast and report on climate, tides and the ocean and to determine how best to communicate this information to communities, businesses and Governments.
Under Phase 2 of the Project, SPREP is implementing 3 of the four programs under COSPPAc. These are CliDe, Seasonal Prediction and Communication and Coordination Unit.

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COSPPac Phase 2

The Objectives of the COSPPac2 investment is that the Pacific Island national meteorological services understand and use climate, ocean and sea level information to develop and disseminate useful products and services to Pacific Island governments and communities building resilience to the impact of climate change, climate variability and disasters.
The four components of the COSPPac2 Program are:
1. Pacific Sea Level and Geodetic Monitoring Project (PSLGM)
2. Climate Data for the Environment Project (CLiDE)
3. Seasonal Prediction Project; and
4. Cross program support through the Coordination and Communications Unit (CCU)

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