1. NHMSs are operating and maintaining an enhanced set of
observation and data management infrastructure (including
for traditional knowledge) in line with global standards, and
are increasingly sharing related data;
2. NHMSs are actively generating and refining climate and
ocean information products/services utilising consolidated
portals and COSPPac supported (and other best available)
models and tools; and
3. NHMSs are coordinating two-way communication of
COSPPac products/services with priority stakeholders
(including communities and marginalised groups) utilising
inclusive processes and are evaluating these
The Program will build on the success and intentions of previous
programs. It will maintain programs which the Pacific relies on
and could not deliver on their own, it will transition activities
where the capacity in the Pacific is commensurate with delivery,
and it will introduce new activities which respond to the calls
from the region.

Project detail
Short Name

The Program will focus on five key deliverables:
1. Observations infrastructure and data support;
2. Data management, products and services;
3. Communications with and between key stakeholders and
diverse communities (knowledge brokering);
4. Capacity development; and
5. Governance – including transition arrangements.
All five deliverables will have strong ‘Traditional Knowledge’ (TK)
and ‘Gender Equity and Disability Inclusion’ (GEDSI) focuses.
The aim of the COSPPac3 Program, as outlined in the Investment
Design Climate and Oceans Support Program in the Pacific -
Phase 3 (COSPPac3) document theory of change is that:
'Pacific Island National Hydrological Meteorological
Services (NHMSs) are delivering useful and usable
climate and ocean information services in partnership
with priority stakeholders, including affected
communities and marginalised groups, (End of Program
Outcome) such that Pacific Island stakeholders are using
climate and ocean information to enable all Pacific
peoples to remain resilient to the impacts of climate
change and disasters so that they are able to lead safe,
secure and prosperous lives (Impact)'.

Start Date