To further develop and enhance the functionality and utility of existing CMIP5 climate projections for the Pacific, with emphasis on facilitating sectoral applications at national/sub-national level to inform climate change impact assessments and associated decision-making.

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Next Generation Climate Projections for the Pacific

* To develop and implement a regional action plan and tools for creating and applying Next Generation 1.5deg climate change projections for the Pacific, with emphasis on addressing the priority needs of sectoral end-users at national/sub-national level as well as developing a sector baseline on past and current impacts;

* Facilitate outreach with and capacity development of sectoral end-users and associated regional/national stakeholders including national met services, to enhance overall path-to-impact for practical application of Next Gen 1.5 projections for the Pacific;

* Through strategic planning, networking, collaborating, outreach and capacity development, establish the foundation for Next Generation 2.0 projections for the Pacific in the lead-up to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

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