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November 23, 2020 by angelicas
General News

The Development Coordination Division is taking action to help build a more informed community and people through awareness raising of their role in the Cook Islands.

Over the past two months, DCD within the Cook Islands Ministry of Finance and Economic Management has worked with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) to develop a communications plan, as well as undertake a series of trainings to empower their communications skills.

The DCD works with all development partners, agencies and stakeholders to manage and develop support activities. 

 “We believe that the more informed we are, the stronger we are as a society – it’s this that has prompted us to profile the linkages between some of the development you see happening in the Cook Islands funded by partners, and the role we play in supporting this to happen,” said Mr Mani Mate, Director of DCD.

“In doing so, we’re also highlighting the funding opportunities that are available for our Cook Islands people to apply for to help build uplift our community through different project activities.”

Enhancing communications capacity in the Cook Islands

DCD has been working with the Communications and Outreach Unit of SPREP to explore creative ways to share information through key platforms within their current workplans and schedule.

Through training and support provided by SPREP, the DCD has a completed communication plan they are now rolling out which includes regular media releases and weekly updates on Facebook to keep Cook Islands residents ‘in the know’.

“SPREP fully understands the role of good communications to help bring about informed decision making in our Pacific communities, we are pleased to help be a part of this with DCD,” said Ms Nanette Woonton, Acting Communications and Outreach Adviser of SPREP.

“Since we finalised the DCD communications plan we are now working to amplify their voice - we’ve seen some really awesome content being shared on their social media page.  It’s great to see, especially given the role of DCD in supporting work to bring about a resilient Cook Islands.”

Part of the communications work by DCD has also helped build the foundation to monitor and evaluate their activities to learn more about the impact their awareness raising has made.

To learn more about the team at DCD and keep updated as to activities and work unfolding, follow their Facebook page – Development Coordination Division at

“We’re excited to be able to help Cook Islands residents know more about us and we’re grateful to SPREP for this support and helping to make this happen,” said Mr Mate.

The range of communications training undertaken by DCD has spanned communications plan development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, working with media, social media and content creation.