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The International Girls in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Day is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of April, and this year, the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) joined forces with the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Samoa to raise awareness on the importance of technology to advance gender equality and women's rights.

The International Girls in ICT Day is an initiative which aims to create a global environment that empowers and encourages young girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of information and communications technology (ICT).

Close to twenty young women and girls, from primary school to university, visited the SPREP Campus in Vailima accompanied by some of the YWCA team, where they heard from various staff members of SPREP who are working in the field of ICT on the importance of ICT in the day-to-day operations of SPREP.

IMG 1421The participants of the Girls in ICT Day celebrations with SPREP and YWCA of Samoa. Photo: SPREP

The reigning Miss Samoa, Priscilla Olano, who is the Pacific Met Desk Technical Assistant, presented on the role of ICT in her field of work, which is Information Knowledge Management.

When asked what drew her to work in ICT, Ms Olano said, "Technology in general has always fascinated me and I've always been drawn to what it was capable of doing and how it makes things easier for people. One of the best things about ICT is that it's a field where you will always learn something new – it's never boring!"

There was also a presentation from Information Resources and Archives team on records and archives management, and one from the Information Technology team, on possible career opportunities in the field of ICT.

Young Elisa Eteuati, 12, from Vaivase Primary School, said she learned a lot from the session with the SPREP team, and she now has a clear picture of what subjects to study in college and Foundation in order to have a career in ICT.

IMG 1400The reigning Miss Samoa and Pacific Climate Change Portal Technical Assistant for SPREP, Ms Priscilla Olano, during her presentation. Photo: SPREP

22 year old Simeanamulu Fiti, who is currently studying at the National University of Samoa, said, "Today's presentations were very informative and helpful for me in deciding which area of ICT I wish to pursue a career in. It has also helped me draw a better picture of what opportunities lie ahead in terms of employment."

The event was organised by the YWCA of Samoa, for which economic empowerment through ICT is one of its core priorities.

"We are very fortunate to have been able to partner up with SPREP this year, and we look forward to working together again in the future," said Ms Ramona Tugaga of YWCA Samoa.

The special day with members of the YWCA of Samoa took place on 27 April at the SPREP Campus coordinated by the Corporate Services team.