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SPREP staff supporting Pinktober
October 29, 2018 by leannem
General News

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) staff came together on Wednesday last week to show their support for those battling cancer, through a fundraising event held at the Secretariat’s headquarters at Vailima. 

Two staff members, Mr Patrick Pringle and Mr Salesa Nihmei, shaved their heads to show their support for family members who are battling the disease and who have unfortunately succumbed to it.  This was done in the presence of all staff who wore pink to support this great cause.

Mr Pringle says, “It is great to see many colleagues supporting the valuable work of the Samoa Cancer Society. Shaving our heads is a small gesture, what is important is that families talk about cancer and that individuals go to their doctor if they have the slightest worry or doubt. Early detection saves lives.”

Mr Salesa Nihmei and Mr Patrick Pringle after having their heads shaved in support of Pinktober. Photo: SPREP

The fundraising efforts were coordinated by SPREP’s Le Coral Social club, and supported by the staff, resulting in a total of $1,500 being raised through voluntary contributions.

The President of Le Coral Social Club, Mr Christian Slaven, says “Cancer has touched the lives of many loved ones and families. It’s important we all play our part to help the Samoa Cancer Society in their fundraising efforts to raise awareness and support individuals who have cancer.”

The amount collected will be donated to the Samoa Cancer Society in support of their efforts to spread awareness and provide support for those suffering from the deadly disease.