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General News
The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) underwent a week-long capacity building and training project with experts from the Nataij consultancy firm in February. The capacity building activities and training were designed to strengthen the overall capacity of SPREP to develop and implement environmental projects across the Pacific region.

A compendium of policies, manual, procedures and guidelines are in place and form key elements of SPREP's governance and management system.

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SPREP staff during one of the sessions for the MSP training. Photo: SPREP

The Global Environment Fund (GEF)-United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) funded Medium Sized Project is helping SPREP to strengthen its fiduciary capacity while at the same time establishing two new policies on gender mainstreaming and an environmental and social safeguard system to match requirements set by the GEF. It is also building a web-based project management information system that the Secretariat will be using to manage and monitor projects effectively.

Overall, it is expected that these upgrades will improve the delivery of service and support by SPREP to members as well as place the organisation in a much stronger position to meet the compliance requirements of financial instruments, such as the Global Climate Fund and the GEF.

The training sessions were open to all staff, and covered areas such as Project Management, Procurement, Grant Mechanism, and Cost Recovery Implementation.

Nataij is an international consultancy firm working primarily within the climate change and natural resource sector to develop policies and strategies, provide the tools needed to measure results and to disseminate important lessons learned about success and failure.