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General News
SPREP web cc the website for the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) was listed as one of the top 101 web resources on climate change by the 

The readers of this site are mostly students or prospective students in environmental science, the top 101 web resources list was created to give their audience easy access to the best and most current sites covering  climate change.

“Your site is an excellent component of this list,” said Zoey Lewis, Lead content producer of the website

“We’re really pleased to receive this feedback, we underwent a website overhaul several years ago and are now  constantly working on our website to ensure we meet the needs of our audience and improve where we can,” said Mr. Billy Chan Ting the Web Applications Developer Specialist of SPREP.

The SPREP website contains news from the intergovernmental regional organisation as well as electronic resources, lists of upcoming events and information on climate change, one of the four priority areas of SPREP.  The other pillars are Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management, Environmental Monitoring and Governance and Waste Management and Pollution Control.

Visit for more information about SPREP.