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Tribute to Makereta Kaurasi-Manueli
November 25, 2020 by nanettew
General News

“We are saddened by the passing of our dear friend and former colleague, Ms Makereta Kaurasi-Manueli and are grateful that she was a part of our SPREP family, gifting us with a legacy of friendship and many memories.

We reflect upon our time with Miss Makereta Kaurasi-Manueli with great fondness.

Makereta started with SPREP in 2006 as the project accountant and was then the financial account from 2012 to the completion of her contract in 2016.  Makereta often acted as the Head of the Finance and Administration Department of SPREP from time to time.

She was part of many SPREP achievements over these years. 

Makereta was a crucial member of our SPREP finance unit, working with many staff across our organisation to fulfil and meet financial obligations, often playing a key role in the finances of our SPREP projects.  She is remembered by many as a true professional in our organisation working for a better Pacific island region and people. 

Within our SPREP family, Makereta, along with her husband Etika, are remembered for their generosity, strong support, kindness and sense of humour.  They formed many close friendships during their time with us in Samoa.

Makereta was very active on the health and fitness front, joining many of our SPREP family at the gym and taking part in local SPREP health and fitness challenges.  The camaraderie and support shared amongst our SPREP family is always strong, demonstrated when it comes to encouraging and inspiring each other to persevere with healthy lifestyles.  Makereta was a supportive cheerleader for many.

We are deeply saddened to know that Makereta has passed on and are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.  While our Pacific islands family has lost a dear sister, she was our loved colleague and friend.

As with many that are part of our SPREP family, while you may officially leave, you are always a part of us.  With this value at our core, many of our staff members met up with Makereta and Etika over the years after she left our shores – she was loved by many.

We mourn the passing of dear Makereta with you all.

On behalf of SPREP our deepest condolences go out to Etika, and all of her family at this challenging time.  We are thinking of you all.

Hanis ‘e Makereta, la ia la a’u’ua sio ‘e ‘on noa, with love to Makereta, may you rest from your labour."

Photo: 2015 SPREP Staff Advance L - R Peniamina Leavai, Simeamativa Leota-Vaai, Makereta Kaurasi-Manueli