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Taholo Kami                                                                                

Photo|IUCN, Taholo Kami, PIRT Chair

Talofa to you!

Welcome to the official website of Pacific Islands Roundtable for Nature Conservation (PIRT).

This is a very productive year for the local, regional and international partnership, with the current official membership consisting of seven members with several more prospective members in the process. The four Working Groups (PAWG, PaNEL, SWG, and PIP) of the Roundtable has dedicated themselves with the conservation efforts in the Pacific region their emphasis ranging right to the tiny fire ants, to large Marine Protected Areas, to policy making processes. The union of science and technology to achieve sustainable management of natural resources has brought diversified and multi-disciplinary approaches to conservation activities. Connection of traditional knowledge, technology and practical measures will be the best approach to sustainable development in the Pacific.

With the participation of each of the conservation drivers in the region under the Roundtable, I sincerely expect a greener and resilient Pacific.

Yours sincerely
Taholo Kami
PIRT Chair

The Pacific Islands Roundtable for Nature Conservation acknowledges the support of the MACBIO Project towards the activities of the Roundtable. 
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