Programme Support

Good systems and processes of environmental governance are primary requisites for implementing effective ecosystem management and sustainable livelihoods projects. Consequently, EMG is a cross-cutting Division which supports the work of the other three priority areas of Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Waste and Pollution in the areas of governance, monitoring, and capacity development. Capacity in this context also includes cross-sectoral linkages and integration mechanisms, and partnerships. An example of an activity which integrates across the thematic areas is that of mainstreaming, whereby environmental governance policies and initiatives related to climate change, sustainable biodiversity and ecosystem management, invasive species and waste management are mainstreamed both internally across the programmes, and among Member countries in national development and budgetary planning processes. This initiative is currently being supported by the EU-funded project "Capacity Building related to MEAs in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Countries."

SPREP is committed to a programme of continuing professional development, defined as "the conscious updating of professional knowledge and the improvement of professional competence throughout a person's working life. It is a commitment to being professional, keeping up to date and continuously seeking to improve" (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2000). By this means SPREP continues to build its professional knowledge and skills, thereby ensuring its ability to deliver top quality outputs and outcomes to Members.