State of Environment (SoE) Reports provide in-country partners with a process to gather data on current environmental indicators, document their status, and formulate a plan for keeping these indicators on track or developing policies and programs as needed. The below SoE Toolkit resources serve as guides to help partners create up-to-date reports.

 SoE Brochure These guidelines detail the process, timeline, and steps taken to complete a State of Environment Report. 

SOE Cover

This is a template that can be used when creating a State of Environment Report, and sections can be added or adapted to fit a country’s needs.
 Indicator Icon This set of 52 icons can be used in a State of Environment Report to indicate the status of environmental issues and progress in a country.
 RMI SoE Report This complete State of Environment Report from the Republic of the Marshall Islands can be used as an example when a country works on its own report.



This video describes the work of SPREP’s EMG division in helping partner countries compile and analyse current environmental data. Partners can use the accurate, good-quality data to assess what environmental targets are on track, as well as areas in need of further policies and programs. Some of the key processes EMG uses to document the findings are the State of Environment Report and National Environment Management Strategies.