Coral Reefs are under increasing pressure from climate change, poor catchment management practices, coastal development and harvesting pressures. Managing coral reef decline is a major priority for many governments and communities across the Pacific where reefs are central to future security and prosperity. This project will establish long term community based monitoring techniques that will build capacity to enable blending of science and traditional management techniques to inform management decisions. The Project is funded by DFAT and funds will be administered by AIMS, with a component paid to SPREP to cover salaries, operations and administrative costs. Project design and implementation will be shared by SPREP and AIMS in consultation with GCRMN. The project will form part of the SPREP led Coral Reef Science Action under the decade for ocean science.

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Pacific ReefCould

1. Develop data standards for community based coral reef monitoring to meet National government data reporting needs, inform community management efforts and regional coral reef status monitoring.
2. Deliver training online and field training for coral reef monitoring to build capacity at government and
3. Blend traditional knowledge with science through learned experiences with indigenous traditional owners in Northern Australia

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