Cir#17/45: Introducing the following - David Sakoda (Peace Corp Response Volunteer) & Ofa Kaisamy (Access and Benefit Sharing, Legal Adviser).
Cir#17/44: Invitation to the Pacific Climate Change Roundtable (PCCR) 01-03 October 2017, Holiday Inn, Suva, Fiji as part of the "Resilience Week"
Cir#17/43: SPREP Vacancy - Environmental Assessment and Planning Officer.
Cir#17/42: Introducing Mr. Patrick Pringle, Senior Research Associate, Climate Change Strategies.
Cir#17/41: Invitations and Arrangements - Twenty-Eighth SPREP Meeting (28SM) of Officials and associated meetings from 14th - 21st September 2017 Apia, Samoa.
Cir#17/40: Circular to Members and CROP on COP 23 preparations by CROP.
Cir#17/39: Ninth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Waigani Convention (COP-9), Apia, Samoa, 15th September, 2017.
Cir#17/38: Fourteenth ordinary meeting of the contracting parties to the convention for the protection of the natural resources and environment of the South Pacific Region and related protocols (Noumea Convention), 14th September 2017.
Cir#17/37: 20th Pacific Islands Roundtable for Nature Conservation (PIRT) Annual Meeting, 21 - 22 August 2017, Honiara, Solomon Islands.
Cir#17/36: Administrative Note for 28th SPREP Meeting and Associated Meetings from 14th – 21st September 2017, Apia, Samoa.
Cir#17/35: Update on the European Commission Programme for Capacity Building related to Multilateral Environment Agreements (MEAs) in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Countries Phase II (ACP MEA2)
Cir#17/34: Regional Consultation on Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC)
Cir#17/33: For review and comment - EIA Guidelines for Coastal Tourism Development in the Pacific Region
Cir#17/32: Invite to Inception Workshop for the IMPACT Project, Samoa 28-30 August 2017
Cir#17/30: 28th SPREP Meeting provisional Agenda.
Cir#17/29: Introducing the following appointment within the Secretariat.
Cir#17/28: Invitation to attend the five day Regional Workshop on Cape Town Agreement of 2012 to be held from the 28th August to 1st September (inclusive) 2017, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
Cir#17/27: SPREP Performance Implementation Plan (PIP)
Cir#17/26: Peace Corp Response Volunteer Placements to SPREP.
Cir#17/25: Whale Research Opportunity
Cir#17/24: Review and Development of a Regional Shark and Ray Action Plan to be incorporated into SPREP Marine Species Action Plan 2018-2022
Cir#17/23: SPREP at the UN Ocean Conferences 5-9 June 2017.
Cir#17/22: Introducing new SPREP Staff - Director, Environmental Monitoring and Governance & Director, Waste Management and Pollution Control.
Cir#17/21: Invitation to attend Regional Workshop on MARPOL
Invitation to attend the four day Regional Workshop on MARPOL Annex V and Port Reception Facilities to be held from the 17 to 20 (inclusive) July 2017, Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands.
Circular 17/21
Annex 1 and 2
Cir#17/19: Revised Meeting Dates for the Friends of the Chair and Steering Committee.
Cir#17/18: GEF-UNEP Ratification and Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in the countries of the Pacific Region Project Planning Workshop, 26-30 June, 2017, SPREP Headquarters, Samoa.