Cir#17/29: Introducing the following appointment within the Secretariat.
Cir#17/28: Invitation to attend the five day Regional Workshop on Cape Town Agreement of 2012 to be held from the 28th August to 1st September (inclusive) 2017, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
Cir#17/27: SPREP Performance Implementation Plan (PIP)
Cir#17/26: Peace Corp Response Volunteer Placements to SPREP.
Cir#17/25: Whale Research Opportunity
Cir#17/24: Review and Development of a Regional Shark and Ray Action Plan to be incorporated into SPREP Marine Species Action Plan 2018-2022
Cir#17/23: SPREP at the UN Ocean Conferences 5-9 June 2017.
Cir#17/22: Introducing new SPREP Staff - Director, Environmental Monitoring and Governance & Director, Waste Management and Pollution Control.
Cir#17/21: Invitation to attend Regional Workshop on MARPOL
Invitation to attend the four day Regional Workshop on MARPOL Annex V and Port Reception Facilities to be held from the 17 to 20 (inclusive) July 2017, Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands.
Circular 17/21
Annex 1 and 2
Cir#17/19: Revised Meeting Dates for the Friends of the Chair and Steering Committee.
Cir#17/18: GEF-UNEP Ratification and Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in the countries of the Pacific Region Project Planning Workshop, 26-30 June, 2017, SPREP Headquarters, Samoa.
Cir#17/16: Cleaner Pacific 2025 - Request for input from development partners.
Cir#17/15: Vacancy - SPREP Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser.
Cir#17/14: Invitation to attend the fifth and final Steering Committee Meeting of the Pacific Hazardous Waste Management Project (PacWaste) and country consultations for the EDF11 Pacific-EU Waste Management Programme.
Cir#17/13: Call for Nominations to attend the Second Regional Communication Training for National Climate Officers, Tanoa Nadi 1-5 May, 2017.
Cir#17/12: Introducing New SPREP Staff
Cir#17/11: Nominations for International Environmental Law and Ocean Governance in the Pacific.
Cir#17/10: Developing a regional scrap metal management strategy.
Cir#17/09: Fourth Meeting of the Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-4) and Second Pacific Ministerial Meeting on Meteorology (PMMM-2)
Cir#17/07: Dates for the 28th SPREP Meeting and Related Meetings in 2017.
Cir#17/06: Joint UN Environment and SPREP Fact Sheets on Oceans.
Cir#17/05: EDF11 Pacific-EU Waste Management Programme: Pacific island country consultations.
Cir#17/03: New Zealand Asbestos Ban Effect on Asbestos Waste Imports.
Cir#17/01: Inception Workshop of the Development of Minamata Convention Mercury Initial Assessment in Pacific Project.
Cir#16/67: SPREP Calendar of Events for 2017.