The Inform project is reaching the end of its 4-year life-cycle and it has implemented most of the actions planed while the active participation of its member countries is providing the necessary feedback to clearly contemplate the need for a phase 2 based on the following 5 elements: 

  1. Environmental standards - the definition, language and thresholds – need for a tiered set for varying capacity levels and ability in countries.
  2. Data management and analysis – The maintenance and enhancement of the Pacific Environment Portal (PEP) network.
  3. Environmental monitoring and field data collection for key indicators including environmental standards.
  4. Enhancing GIS capacity for field sampling and planning including Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) to evaluate the likely environmental impacts of a proposed project or development.
  5. Capacity building to convert data to Information and advocacy to empower different actors communicate facts and request change.

The Inform Plus project has been designed to establish a virtuous cycle of the informed decision-making process. 

Inform Plus