Resources for Media

The Inform project has produced a number of communication products ranging from brochures to videos, infographics, social media posts and advertising for their online courses to make sure Pacific Island Countries are aware of the new platforms and content available to them.

Inform Media 1

Animated graphics for our social media platforms that focus on the outcomes of the reports:

Inform Media 2

Animated learning material to introduce the importance of Indicator’s guidebook and how to use it for the countries’ benefit.

Inform Media Gif

The example below is a social media post that highlights the key findings of the regional environment reports with a though provoking message to engages with the users while giving them easy access for read more information:

Inform Media 3

And advertising materials were also produced when a new product was launched:

Inform Media 4

Inform Media 5

As well as merchandising to promote the project’s outputs and aid learning such as mouse mats about the environmental indicators:

Inform Media 6

In order to build the regional community, the Inform project has regularly updated their members with a simple yet effective email blast such as the one below:

Inform Monthly Update

Below you can access all the resources available for the media such as interesting data graphics, social media posts and videos:

You can also follow the link below to read the news about this project since its inception: