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Project Leaders


  Name Organization
Project Director TBC TBC
Project Manager Mr. Aminiasi Qareqare Department of Environment, Ministry of Local Government, Urban Development, Housing and Environment





City Type of Report Name of Report Note Date Finalized Document Prepared by
Ba Action Plan Action Plan for 3R Promotion 3R Activity Nov-11 BTC, J-PRISM
Sigatoka Action Plan Action Plan for 3R Promotion 3R Activity Nov-11 STC, J-PRISM
Lautoka Workshop Presentation for SWAPI 3R Activity Feb-12 LCC, J-PRISM
Lautoka, Nadi, Sigatoka Workshop Presentation for SPREP Clean Pacific Workshop Outline of the 3R Activity Feb-12 LCC, NTC, STC
Nadi, Lautoka Workshop Clean School Program Workshop Workshop for school teachers in the Wetern Division and J-PRISM CP of Solomon Is. and Tonga Feb-12 NTC, LCC
Sigatoka Awareness Awareness Poster (A1 size) Raising enviroment awareness with children's photos Mar-12 STC, J-PRISM
  Cabinet paper  3R Project Cabinet Paper  3R Activity May-12 DoE
Lautoka, Nadi  Meeting Presentation for SPREP Meeting (in New Caledonia) 3R Activity Aug-12 LCC, NTC
Ba Awareness Sginboards of Market Compost  to advertize market compost at Ba Market Nov-12 BTC, J-PRISM
Lautoka, Nadi, Sigatoka Training Presentation of 3R Activity for 3R Regional Training 3R Activity Nov-12 LCC, NTC, STC
  DVD J-PRISM 3R Regioal Training in collaboration with Shibushi Program 3R Activity Nov-12 J-PRISM
Nadi Awareness Leaflet for Separate collection of recyclables  3R Activity Dec-12 NTC
  Training report 3R Regional Training 3R Activity Feb-13 DoE
Lautoka Pilot Project  Green Waste Chipping Pilot Project  3R Activity Mar-13 LCC
Lautoka Presentation for 4th Regional 3R Forum held in Hanoii SHARING THE EXPERIENCES OF FIJI’S 3R PRACTICES   3R Activity Mar-13 LCC
Sigatoka Newspaper ad Fisi Sun Advertisement 3R Activity Mar-13 STC, J-PRISM
Ba Seminar Seminar of vegetable growing with compost how to use compost May-13 Taiwan Technical Farm
Ba Education Ba Market Poster (A1 size) Promoting waste separation at  Jul-12 BTC, J-PRISM
Ba Education Ba Market Waste Separation Method showing how to separate and discharge wast at each stall  Jul-12 BTC, J-PRISM
Ba Survey report Market waste survey  result of market waste survey Jul-12 BTC, J-PRISM
Lautoka Awareness Leaflet for Separate collection of recyclables  3R Activity Jul-13 LCC
Rakiraki Survey report Disposal site survey surveyof vehicles which bring waste Sep-13 RTC, J-PRISM
Sigatoka Master Plan Draft Solid Waste Management Plan  Outline of current SWM and issue, strategy for  3R Activity in Sigatoka Jul-13 STC, J-PRISM
Rakiraki Survey report Report of hotel interview survey interview with hotels about 3R activities Sep-13 STC, J-PRISM