Project Design Matrix (PDM) - Excel

Plan of Operation (PO) - Excel

Project Leaders


  Name Organization
National Project Director Mr. Asipeli Palaki Ministry of Lands, Environment and Climate Change and Natural Resources
Co-National Project Manager Mr. Feauini Veikoso Laumanu Ministry of Lands, Environment and Climate Change and Natural Resources
Co-National Project Manager (Dr.) Dr. Reynold ‘Ofanoa Ministry of Health





City Type of Report Name of Report Note Date Finalized Document Prepared by
Vava'u Survey report  Public Opinion Survey  Baseline Survey Aug-11 MLECCNR
Vava'u Plan Rehabilitation Plan of Kalaka final disposal site in Vava'u Submitted for EIA procedure Aug-12 J-PRISM
Vava'u Master Plan Draft Solid Waste Management Plan for Vava'u The plan has been amanded according to the progress of the project activity  Dec-12 J-PRISM
Vava'u Information paper  Explained about outline of the Project for Vava'u Development Committee/Plan Gained commitment from Vava'e development Committee. Dec-12 MLECCNR
Vava'u Awareness Environment Calender for 2013 Awareness activity Feb-13 JOCV with J-PRISM
Vava'u Manual Draft Operation Manual for Vava’u Rehabilitated Disposal Site To ensure proper operation and maintenance of Rehabilitated dumpsite Feb-13 MoH, J-PRISM
Vava'u Sighboard  For administration office at Kalaka rehabilitated dumpsite Awareness Feb-13 MoH, J-PRISM
Vava'u TV commercial  TV ads.  To ensure proper use of Rehabilitated dumpsite Feb-13 J-PRISM
Vava'u Presentation for 4th Regional 3R Forum held in Hanoii Experienced in terms of 3R Activities 3R Activity Mar-13 MLECCNR, J-PRISM
Vava'u Plan Draft garbage collection plan in Vava'u  including Pilot Project Plan and Community-based 3R system Jun-13 J-PRISM
Vava'u Action Plan  Garbage collction plan for pilot project sites  developed by 4 pilot communities   Jun-13 Community with the assistance of J-PRISM
Vava'u draft Calender for garbage collection at pilot project sites  Awareness  Jun-13 J-PRISM
Vava'u Survey report  Water and Coastal Monitoring Neiafu, Vava'u Water monitoring was conducted in collaboration with IWCM Project  Jun-13 IWCM
Vava'u Survey report  Questionnaier Survey for community-based garbage collection system The survey was initiated and implemented by community Aug-13 Community with the assistance of J-PRISM