Project Design Matrix (PDM) - Excel

Plan of Operation (PO) - Excel

Project Leaders


  Name Organization
National Project Director Mr. Gunther Joku Department of Environment and Conservation
Project Manager Joshua Sam National Capital District Commission
Project  Coordinator, PMU Ms. Janet Haua National Capital District Commission





City Type of Report Name of Report Note Date Finalized Document Prepared by
Port Moresby Survey Report Drat Time & Motion Survey Report
Collection & Disposal – Commercial Industrial Waste, 2011
This is the report of Time & Motion Study focusing on Commercial Industrial Waste Collection conducted by NCDC based on the provisions specified under the WHO – Guides for Municipal Solid Waste Management in Pacific Island Countries for the purpose of the assisting of the management to make amendments to the waste collection contracts. 2011 Ms. Vivianne Mariwena Morofa,
Environmental Health Officer
Waste Management Division, NCDC
Port Moresby Survey Report Draft Solid Waste Characterization Study Brief for Port Moresby - National Capital District 2011 This report is developed by the NCDC for the purposeto determine the volume required for on-site storage, transportation, transfer facilities and disposal of solid waste, to identify re-cycling/resource recovery potential of solid waste, to determine appropriate methods of collection and disposal of solid waste, and to estimate the expected life span of a disposal site. 2012 Mr. Ronnie Ranu, Senior Environmental Health Officer, Waste Management Division, NCDC
Port Moresby Design Baruni Rehabilitation Drawings Baruni rehabilitation design  2012 Mr. James, Engineering Division, NCDC
Port Moresby Environment Permit Application Environment Permit Application Submission Application prepared by NCDC in order to receive an envrionmental permit to rehabilitate the Baruni disposal site 2012 Waste Management Division, NCDC
Port Moresby Plan DRAFT Development and Rehabilitation Plan for the Baruni Waste Disposal Site - 2011 - 2020 A draft plan (not complete) on the semi-aerobic system to adopt at Baruni, the facilities required and the schedule for rehabilitation 2012 Waste Management Division, NCDC
Port Moresby Plan Draft 3R/HEART Initiative in Port Moresby A plan to introduce 3Rs to school children 2012 Mr James Navara, Waste Management Division, NCDC together with J-PRISM
Port Moresby Existing Conditions Report  Brief on Activities of Solid Waste Management Activities in Port Moresby A paper that explains about the waste collection system in Port Moresby 2012 Mr. Walter, Waste Management Division, NCDC
Port Moresby Policy Draft NCD Waste Policy The Policy Statement is idevided two parts. One provides the context for the development of a Waste Policy for the NCD and the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders. The other presents the NCD Waste Policy. 2013 Waste Management Division, NCDC