Project Design Matrix (PDM) - Excel

Plan of Operation (PO) - Excel

Project Leaders


  Name Organization
National Project Director Mr. Suluimalo Amataga Penaia Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
National Project Manager Ms. Fuatino Leota Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
National Project Coordinator Mr. Setoa Apo Division of Environment and Conservation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment



City Type of Report Name of Products Note Date Finalized Document Prepared by
Apia Survey Tafaigata Waste Landfill Leachate Monitoring Result This trial leachate testing exercise aimed in confirming the availability of leachate testing equipment and materials for further actions, and transfer of skills and building the capacity of new officer in charge of the Tafaigata Landfill Management. Oct-11 MNRE
Apia Pilot Project Waste Minimization Pilot Project Inception/Composting Workshop Report. The purpose of the workshop is an eye opener for participants as they have faced waste issue at homes. The workshop also consolidated the partnership between MNRE, participants, Pacific Recycle Company and Women In Business Development Inc. in regards to technical assistance to drive this pilot project to a success. Mar-12 MNRE
Apia Survey Solid Waste Characterization and
Generation Study 2011. VAITELE.
The study was conducted at Vaitele residential area for domestic waste and various commercial activities in Apia and Vaitele for commercial waste category. Jul-12 MNRE
Apia Pilot Project Waste Minimization Pilot Project This is the consept note to implement pilot project to reduce the amount of waste generated and collected through the collection system and then eventually disposed at the Tafaigata Waste Landfill. Jul-12 MNRE
Apia Awarness MNRE Newsletter  Sep, 2012 Oct-12 MNRE
Apia Survey Samoa Counterparts Site Visit Report This is the Study Visit report for participants from MNRE to observe the Weighbridge and Minimization Program of Lautoka City Council in Fiji  Dec-12 MNRE
Apia Progress Report Project Progress update Report This is the report for the statis on progression of activities.  Mar-13 MNRE
Apia Pilot Project JICA/MNRE Pilot Project
Disaster Waste Management after
Cyclone Evan Report
This is the report for disaster waste management pilot project produced by MNRE. Mar-13 MNRE
Apia Awarness MNRE Newsletter  Jan/Feb, 2013 version Mar-13 MNRE
Apia Awarness 3R bus The logo of 3Rs are put on the back of bus for awarness. Apr-13 MNRE
Apia Survey Time and Motion Study Report Zone A This is the report of Time and Motion study at Zone A (977 households, 174 collection points) with 1 driver and 2 collectors. Apr-13 MNRE
Apia Survey Draft Vaiaata Landfill Conceptual Leachate & Gas Ventilation Layout and Detialed Plan This proposal work will continue the remaining works to put in place the urgent needed facilities for the treatment of the generated polluted wastewater and gaseous.  Apr-13 MNRE
Apia Pilot Project Public-Private-Partnership Pilot Project Plan for Waste Minimization in the urban Areas This is the concept note for pilot project on waste management to reduce incoming waste to Tafaigata Waste Landfill by application of applicable waste minimization measures and practices. May-13 MNRE
Apia Survey Proposal for implementation of waste characterization study at Tafaigata waste disposal site This survey will provide the useful data for the proposed separate collection of recyclable waste items under the Urban Waste Minimization Pilot Project for the planning of trailers sizes and carrying capacities. Aug-13 MNRE