Project Design Matrix (PDM) - Excel

Plan of Operation (PO) - Excel

Project Leaders


  Name Organization
National Project Director Mr. Wilbur Allen Ministry of Public Works
National Project Manager Mr. Jorelik Tibon Office of Environmental Planningn and Policy Coordination



City Type of Report Name of Report Note Date Finalized Document Prepared by
Majuro Strategy National Waste Management Strategy 2012-2016 and Action Plan” (draft 21 June, 2012) Draft of NSWMS, not endorsed yet. Jun-12 OEPPC
Majuro Education Trash on Our Island” (Booklet and video materials) Education materials for 3R education in school or community. Oct-12 MAWC, EPA, OEPPC
Majuro Education Presentation "WASTE IS THE BIG PROBLEM IN THE Dump Site TO YOU KNOW THAT?" This presentation has been using on School 3Rs education. Oct-12 MAWC
Majuro Education Report on J-PRISM Teacher Training Program EPA conducted teacher training on Jan 2013. Jan-13 EPA
Majuro Presentation Presentation at JCC meeting, Feb 28, 2013 MAWC CP delivered presentation at JCC meeting in Feb 28, 2013. Feb-13 MAWC