Fifteenth ordinary meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Convention for the
Protection of the Natural Resources and Environment of the South Pacific Region
and related protocols (Noumea Convention)

Apia, Samoa 29 August 2019

Nomination Form

Documentation list

Provisional Agenda


Item Working Paper Title WP Downloads
1 Opening of the Meeting  
2 Organisation of the Meeting

WP 2

WP 2.1

3 Adoption of the Agenda

WP 3

WP 3.1

4 Report of the Secretariat

WP 4

WP 4.1

5 Country Reports WP 5
6 Financial Statements

WP 6.1

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WP 6.1_Att2

WP 6.1_Att3

WP 6.1_Att4

WP 6.1_Att5

WP 6.1_Att6

WP 6.1_Att7

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7 Decision Items  
  7.1 Entry into force of protocols to the Noumea Convention WP 7.1
  7.2 Review of the operation of the Noumea Convention

WP 7.2

WP 7.2_Att1

WP 7.2_Att2

WP 7.2_Att3

WP 7.2_Att4

  7.3 Review of PACPLAN

WP 7.3

WP 7.3_Att1

  7.4 Marine Pollution Protocols

WP 7.4

WP 7.4_Att1

8 Consideration and adoption of the Core Budget

WP 8

WP 8.1

9 Other Business  
10 Date and venue of next meeting  
11 Adoption of the meeting record  
12 Closure of the meeting