Twenty-Ninth SPREP Meeting (29SM) of Officials and associated meetings.

From 29 August – 6th September 2019, Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, Apia, Samoa.

Official Opening Programme for 29th SPREP Meeting

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Invitation Circular 29SM
List of Side Events
Provisional Agenda
Documentation List - 29SM

Pacific Environment Forum Provisional Agenda

‘Resilient Blue Pacific’ and the SPREP Environment Ministers’ High Level Talanoa on 6 September, 2019 Environment Ministers’ High Level Talanoa - Provisional Agenda

Provisional Agenda 

Agenda Items Title Download Files
Agenda Item 1 Opening Prayer  
Agenda Item 2 Appointment of Chair and Vice-Chair WP 2
Agenda Item 3 Adoption of Agenda and Working Procedures

WP 3

WP 3_Att1

Agenda Item 4 Action Taken on Matters Arising from SPREP’s first Executive Board Meeting

WP 4

WP 4_Att1

Agenda Item 5 2018 Overview and Implementation of the SPREP Strategic Plan 2017-2026  
5.1 DG's general overview of 2018 and Annual Report presentation WP 5.1
5.2 25th SPREP Anniversary WP 5.2
5.3 Progress towards achievement of the 2018/19 PIP strategic outcomes

WP 5.3

WP 5.3_Att1

5.4 Audited Annual Accounts for 2018

WP 5.4

WP 5.4_Att1

Agenda Item 6 Regional Cooperation  
6.1 Framework for Pacific Regionalism

WP 6.1

WP 6.1_Att1

WP 6.1_Att2

WP 6.1_Att3

6.2 Implementation of the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders and SIS Leaders decisions

WP 6.2

WP 6.2_Att1

WP 6.2_Att2

6.3 Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific
and the Pacific Resilience Partnership

WP 6.3

WP 6.3_Att1

6.4 Northern Sub-regional Office Establishment

WP 6.4

WP 6.4_Att1

WP 6.4_Att2


Agenda Item 7 International and Regional Engagement Events for 2020  
7.1 Update on Upcoming Ocean-related Events

WP 7.1

WP 7.1_Att1

7.2 10th Pacific Islands Nature Conservation and Protected Areas Conference WP 7.2
7.3 Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework WP 7.3
7.4 UN Environment and SPREP Partnership WP 7.4
Agenda Item 8 Strategic Partnerships  
8.1 Pacific Climate Change Centre

WP 8.1

WP 8.1_Att1

8.2 European Development Fund 11 WP 8.2
8.3 Update on Ocean-related Strategic Engagements

WP 8.3

WP 8.3_Att1

8.4 Accessing Climate Financing
  • Green Climate Fund (GCF)
  • Adaptation Fund (AF)
  • Global Environment Facility (GEF)
WP 8.4
8.5 Pacific Biodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation Initiative WP 8.5
Agenda Item 9 Governance, Institutional Arrangements and Mechanisms  
9.1 Report on Executive Board 1st Meeting

WP 9.1

WP 9.1_Att1

9.2 Audit Committee Report WP 9.2
9.3 CROP Harmonisation of Remuneration

WP 9.3

WP 9.3_Att1

WP 9.3_Att2

WP 9.3_Att3

WP 9.3_Att4

9.4 Staff Regulations Amendments WP 9.4
9.5 Appointment of External Auditors WP 9.5
9.6 EU request for greater engagement at SPREP Biennial meetings

WP 9.6

WP 9.6_Att1

WP 9.6_Att2

9.7 SPREP Director General’s Performance Assessment – closed session  
9.8 Process for the Recruitment of the Director General for 2021 – closed session  
Agenda Item 10 Governance, Institutional Arrangements and Mechanisms  
10.1 Report on Members’ Contributions

WP 10.1

WP 10.1_Att1

10.2 Sustainable Financing WP 10.2
Agenda Item 11 Draft 2020/21 PIP  
11.1 SPREP Performance Implementation Plan and Results Framework 2020/21

WP 11.1

WP 11.1_Att1

WP 11.1_Att2

WP 11.1_Att3

Agenda Item 12 2020-2021 Biennial Work Programme and Budget  
12.1 Climate Change Resilience  
12.1.1 Highlights of the 2020/2021 Work Programme WP 12.1.1
12.1.2 Report on UNFCCC COP24 and preparation for COP25 WP 12.1.2
12.1.3 1.5 Degrees Report WP 12.1.3
12.1.4 Climate Change and Oceans

WP 12.1.4

WP 12.1.4_Att1

12.1.5 Pacific Meteorological Council meeting outcomes WP 12.1.5
12.2 Islands and Ocean Ecosystems  
12.2.1 Highlights of the 2020-2021 Work Programme WP 12.2.1
12.2.2 Beyond Ratification of the Nagoya Protocol:
Proposed Phase 2 for Pacific ABS Project
WP 12.2.2
12.2.3 PAcific Year of the Coral Reef 2018/2019: Update and Outcomes WP 12.2.3
12.3 Waste Management and Pollution Control  
12.3.1 Highlights of the 2020-2021 Work Programme WP 12.3.1
12.3.2 Review of PACPLAN

WP 12.3.2

WP 12.3.2_Att1

12.3.3 Maritime pollution: Emerging issues WP 12.3.3
12.3.4 Implementation of the Pacific Regional Marine Litter Plan WP 12.3.4
12.3.5 Pacific Environment Forum (PEF) outcomes  
12.4 Environmental Monitoring & Governance  
12.4.1 Highlights of the 2020-2021 Work Programme WP 12.4.1
12.4.2 Regional Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Guidelines

WP 12.4.2

WP 12.4.2_Att1

12.4.3 Implementation of the Inform Project: strengthening data management
to support planning and decision making

WP 12.4.3

WP 12.4.3_Att1

12.5 Consideration and Approval of the budget for 2020/21 and pipeline projects

WP 12.5

WP 12.5_Att1

Agenda Item 13 Reports of the SPREP Conventions  
13.1 Noumea Convention

WP 13.1

WP 13.1_Att1

13.2 Waigani Convention

WP 13.2

WP 13.2_Att1

Agenda Item 14 Items Proposed by Members  
14.1 Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) by Government of New Caledonia WP 14.1
14.2 Group on Earth Observations (GEO) by Government of Australia WP 14.2
Agenda Item 15 Statements by Observers  
Agenda Item 16 Other Business  
Agenda Item 17 Environment Ministers High Level Talanoa: 'A Resilient Blue Pacific': Opening of the Pacific Climate Change Centre  
Agenda Item 18 Dates of the second Executive Board Meeting  
Agenda Item 19 Adoption of the Report of the 29th SPREP Meeting  
Agenda Item 20 Close