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Ordre du jour provisoire

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Point 1 de l’ordre du jour: Opening Prayer  
Point 2 de l’ordre du jour: Appointment of Chair and Vice-Chair WP 2
Point 3 de l’ordre du jour: Adoption of Agenda and Working Procedures WP 3
Point 4 de l’ordre du jour: Action Taken on Matters Arising from Twenty-Sixth SPREP Meeting WP 4
WP 4/Att.1
Point 5 de l’ordre du jour: 2016 Overview  
5.1 Presentation of Annual Report for 2016 and Director General’s Overview of Progress since the Twenty-Seventh SPREP Meeting WP 5.1
5.2 Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Report on the 2016 Annual Work Programme and Budget WP 5.2
WP 5.2/Att.1
5.3 Audited Annual Accounts for 2016 WP 5.3
WP 5.3/Att.1
Point 6 de l’ordre du jour: Strategic Partner Issues  
6.1 Strengthening Regional Linkages  Update WP 6.1
WP 6.1/Att.1
WP 6.1/Att.2
6.2 Access to Climate Finance - Adaptation Fund (AF), Green Climate Fund (GCF) and GEF Accreditation Updates WP 6.2
WP 6.2 Att.1
6.3 Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC) WP 6.3
6.4 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) WP 6.4
6.5 UN Oceans Conference: Outcomes and Next Steps WP 6.5
WP 6.5 Att.1
WP 6.5 Att.2
WP 6.5 Att.3
6.6 EDF 11 WP 6.6
6.7 FRDP WP 6.7
6.8 Partnership Update:
6.8.1 SPREP and UNEP Partnership
6.8.2 SPREP and University of Newcastle
WP 6.8.1
WP 6.8.2
WP 6.8.2/Att 1
WP 6.8.2/Att 2
WP 6.8.2/Att 3
6.9 COP23 WP 6.9
Point 7 de l’ordre du jour: Implementation of the new SPREP Strategic Plan 2017-2026  
7.1 Draft Performance Implementation Plan WP 7.1
WP 7.1/Att.1
7.2 SPREP Country and Territory Action Plans WP 7.2
WP 7.2/Att.1
WP 7.2/Att.2
7.3 Revised Organisation Structure WP 7.3
WP 7.3/Att.1
WP 7.3/Att.2
WP 7.3/Att.3
Point 8 de l’ordre du jour: Governance Arrangements and Mechanisms  
8.1 Governance Arrangements for Biennial SPREP Meetings WP 8.1
WP 8.1/Att.1
WP 8.1/Att.2
WP 8.1/Att.3
WP 8.1/Att.4
8.2 Audit Committee Report WP 8.2
WP 8.2/Att.1
WP 8.2/Att.2
WP 8.2/Att.3
8.3 Innovation in the Secretariat WP 8.3
Point 9 de l’ordre du jour: Strategic Financial Issues  
9.1 Report on Members’ Contributions WP 9.1
WP 9.1/Att.1
9.2 Sustainable Financing WP 9.2
WP 9.2/Att.1
WP 9.2/Att.2
WP 9.2/Att.3
WP 9.2/Att.4
WP 9.2/Att.5a
WP 9.2/Att.5b
WP 9.2/Att.5c
WP 9.2/Att.6a
WP 9.2/Att.6b
WP 9.2/Att.6c
WP 9.2/Att.7
WP 9.2/Att.8
Point 10 de l’ordre du jour: Corporate Services  
10.1 SPREP Director General’s Performance Assessment – closed session  
10.2 CROP Harmonisation WP 10.2
WP 10.2/Att1
10.3 Appointment of External Auditors WP 10.3
Point 11 de l’ordre du jour: Regional Conventions  
11.1 Report on the Conference of the Parties to the Waigani Convention WP 11.1
WP 11.1/Att.1
11.2 Report on the Conference of the Parties to the Noumea Convention WP 11.2
WP 11.2/Att.1
Point 12 de l’ordre du jour: 2018 & 2019 Work Programme and Budget  

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management (Overview) WP 12.1
12.1.1 Year of the Whale: Whales in a Changing Ocean Conference: Outcomes and Next Steps WP 12.1.1
WP 12.1.1/Att.1
12.1.2 Draft Marine Species Action Plans 2018-2022 WP 12.1.2
12.1.3 Pacific Islands Coastal Resilience Framework WP 12.1.3
WP 12.1.3/Att.1
12.2 Climate Change - (Overview) WP 12.2
12.2.1 RTSM WP 12.2.1
WP 12.2.1/Att.1
12.2.2 Update from the 4th Pacific Meteorological Council and 2nd Pacific Ministerial Meeting on Meteorology WP 12.2.2
WP 12.2.2/Att.1
WP 12.2.2/Att.2
WP 12.2.2/Att.3
WP 12.2.2/Att.4
12.2.3 Update from the current SPREP projects supporting Pacific National Meteorological and Hydrological Services WP 12.2.3
12.3 Waste Management and Pollution Control - (Overview) WP 12.3
12.3.1 PACWASTE WP 12.3.1
12.3.2 Cleaner Oceans for a Cleaner Pacific WP 12.3.2
12.3.3 Sustainable Regional Capacity WP 12.3.3
WP 12.3.3/Att.1
WP 12.3.3/Att.2
WP 12.3.3/Att.3
12.4 Environmental Monitoring & Governance - (Overview) WP 12.4
12.4.1Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Coastal Tourism Development
in the Pacific Region
WP 12.4.1
WP 12.4.1/Att.1
12.4.2 Strengthening environmental monitoring and reporting in the Pacific for national processes and MEAs WP 12.4.2
WP 12.4.2/Att.1
WP 12.4.2/Att.2
12.5 Consideration and Approval of Proposed Work Programme and Budget for 2018 & 2019 WP 12.5
WP 12.5/Att.1
Point 13 de l’ordre du jour: Items Proposed by Members  
13.1 13.1 The need to for a Pacific wide ban on asbestos (Cook Islands) WP 13.1
WP 13.1/Att.1
WP 13.1/Att.2
WP 13.1/Att.3
WP 13.1/Att.4a
WP 13.1/Att.4b
WP 13.1/Att.4c
WP 13.1/Att.5a
WP 13.1/Att.5b
13.2  13.2 Call for Action for SPREP Members on plastic microbeads WP 13.2
WP 13.2/Att.1
Point 14 de l’ordre du jour: Regional Cooperation  
14.1 Framework for Pacific Regionalism – Governance and Financing update WP 14.1
WP 14.1/Att.1
WP 14.1/Att.2
14.2 Review of CROP Charter WP 14.2
14.3 CROP Executives Meeting Report WP 14.3
WP 14.3/Att.1
WP 14.3/Att.2 
WP 14.3/Att.3
Point 15 de l’ordre du jour: Statements by Observers  
Point 16 de l’ordre du jour: Other Business  
Point 17 de l’ordre du jour: Adoption of Report of the Twenty-Eighth SPREP Meeting  
Point 18 de l’ordre du jour: Close